Vegan Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese // Recipe Test

Vegan Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese // Recipe Test

Testing out 2 recipes for vegan smoked salmon, and making homemade cashew cream cheese. Note: Both recipes include liquid smoke, but I forgot to mention that in my voiceover! Ooops. 🙂

things i used in this video:
sprouting lid:

My Vegan Fish Tacos Recipe Test:

//The Original Recipes:
—–Carrot Lox:

Carrot Lox

—–Tomato Lox & Cashew Cream Cheese:

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24 Replies to “Vegan Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese // Recipe Test”

  1. raw chashew are highly poisonous. what you think as raw just haven't been roasted as long as normal. in fact you couldn't buy raw even if you wanted. .. potentially fatal.

  2. So smoked salmon is very smoky. This is not even close! You need to add Smoked Paprika in the marinade and that will do the trick. Also the cream cheese can be done without the yogurt and fermentation time. Just blend the cashews with lemon for the sour and sea salt for the tart. Some people like to add nutritional yeast for cheesiness and/or use Indian Black Salt "Kala Namak, It has a strong egg flavor.

  3. Toffuti cream cheese taste close enough to the real thing. I usually mix it with onions though as i never liked cream cheese on it's own. glad to see a home made one, not a fan of the processed vegan products with a million ingredients.
    there's a great brand of coconut yogurt usually found in NYC, Anita's. made in small batches and has less ingredients than the large brands.

  4. After seeing your video with the super appetizing carrot "smoked salmon", I had to try it. I have to say, this tastes nothing like a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Good to try new things though and I appreciate the effort involved making these videos. Thanks for your hard work.

  5. Hey, we are making the carrot salmon now to let it marinade. I was just wondering, you said you used soy sauce when the recipe you linked called for liquid smoke. Did you do this intentionally or did you mean to use liquid smoke? Many thanks

  6. Do vegans take krill oil pills? They're only krill so I don't know if they feel any pain or something like that. Not trying to be rude but I'm just curious! Maybe you could sprinkle some krill oil on vegan seafood to give it a fish taste? Just a thought.

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