what I eat as a lean vegan athlete – do I eat grains as part of my HCLF vegan diet?

what I eat as a lean vegan athlete – do I eat grains as part of my HCLF vegan diet?

Many people have asked me to make more videos covering off what I eat. Well, here’s a video talking about whether I eat grains as part of my high carb, low fat vegan diet. Paleo diet this is not.

If Dr Atkins was still alive this video might give him another heart attack.

Another video in the eating and training to get lean and stay lean series.

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10 Replies to “what I eat as a lean vegan athlete – do I eat grains as part of my HCLF vegan diet?”

  1. The grains I eat are oats and white rice because they don't make me feel bloated and give me tones of energy as well. I'm one of the rare persons who feel bloated with potatoes and don't digest them well o.O haha About corn, I don't think corn is a refined food at all. They come directly from the cob. The main problem I see with corn is it's GMO if not organic. | Other thing, can you do more What I ate in a day videos, please? And maybe a VLOG and take us with you on your day and show us what you do and what are your workouts, etc… It's always cool to watch that type of videos too 🙂 Btw, keep doing the awesome videos you're doing because I love all you bring to us.

  2. I would like more info on the oat smoothie. How many grams is 2 cups? I guess about 250. Is it just bananas and oats? Thanks. I guess it works out to be 1300 calories. 600 for the bananas and 700 for the oats.

  3. +Steve Kalclash Fitness
    Question, following a HCLF vegan way of life. Lifting 5x (Bodybuilding routine) cardio 2x week (stationary cycle) 5"7 159lbs tryna get lean bro. Ideally looking to hit 150lbs for an ideal height to weight physique. Why has my results peaked slightly now I'm at a plateu?

    Should i change something or keep going with it and smash through the wall. Could that work?

    Appreciate if you could answer. First world problems for a 2ry.o on a Saturday night.

    Keep up the effort big man!

  4. Good stuff! My wife and I consume a lot of plant based smoothies. We tried your banana & oats smoothie the other day. It's now part of our smoothie regimen 🙂

    Not sure if you've addressed this question before. Do you consume superfoods such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, camu powder, apricot seeds? Feel free to make a video in response. I'm glad to have found your channel. Very informative. Let's keep it rolling…

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